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At KANOBE, we are about delivering managed IT solutions for maximum business gain. Our goal is to make your life better so that you can focus on what you do best - running your business. We will create solutions and implement effective action while seamlessly integrating all of your IT needs for maximum effectiveness. We can provide you with around the clock, single source suppport to meet all of your IT needs and our business and enteprise software allows you and your company to focus on strategy and growth.

Our consultants work with you to review existing business processes, assess workflow & resource requirements, and review solution alternatives to ensure our recommendation is the best solution for your business. Our goal is to take each client's IT to a new strategic level to accommodate enhanced communications & increase overall productivity - in essence, to align the firm's technology with its business objectives.

The objective of KANOBE's technology strategy is to assist you in prioritizing & planning technology initiatives in order to design a proactive technology solution. As opposed to a "band-aid" approach, this solution lays the foundation for sound business decisions & investments to address both your short-term and long-term goals. The strategy is a three-step process, which includes analysis, design, & implementation.

KANOBE's consultants interview key personnel within your organization & meet with management to gain an understanding of the business objectives. In addition, we perform a comprehensive assessment of your current technology. Based on the information gathered, KANOBE designs & delivers a strategy document that provides the guidance & direction needed to meet your objectives. Our consultants review & discuss this document with you to determine priorities & make decisions.

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